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Bang. Bang.


Name: Jakob
Age: 17
Location: Arizona
Sex: Male
Hobbies: Theater, Film, Photography, Music.

7 bands/singers: Bright Eyes. The Shins. Death Cab for Cutie. Mae. Don Mclean. Son, Ambulance. Now It's Overhead. John Denver.
6 movies or tv shows: Edward Scissorhands. Garden State. Requiem for a Dream. Memento. Cry Baby. Family Guy.
5 books: The Phantom of the Opera. Requiem for a Dream. A Clockwork Orange. Hamlet. Fahrenheit 451.
4 songs: Bright Eyes - "The Calendar Hung Itself." The Shins - "Caring is Creepy." Death Cab for Cutie - "Tiny Vessels." Don Mclean - "Vincent."
3 foods: Vegetarian Chinese food, you must try it. Other than that, YC's Mongolian Barbeque. Paradise Bakery.
2 clothing store: Vintage Clothing Exchange. Buffalo Exchange.
1 object and the significance of it: My pillow. It wears a t-shirt with Mickey Mouse on it, and I've had it since birth. No matter how many tears fall, it's always there. Lame, I know.

Bands/singers/type of music: Ashlee Simpson. Jessica Simpson. Nelly Fertado.
Movies: Envy. Pirates of the Caribbean. There's a lot more that I can't think of.

Views on---
Abortion: Honestly, I don't think there is a proper solution to abortion. At least, not a civil solution involving a peaceable agreement between radical parties. Abortion is obviously and undoubtedly one of the most controversial issues our country and world have yet to face. I do believe in a choice, but that is simply my opinion. I don't buy into all of that "Well you shouldn't have fucked up" shit.
Self mutilation: A drastic measure taken for a general audience of people with fucked up childhoods. I feel bad for mutilists. I want to make them stop hurting.
Government: Don't agree with either party as of yet.
Premarital sex: If both parties are emotionally acceptable for the act, then yes, by all means. Intimacy improves greatly, and a stronger trust is earned.
Drugs: Never done them. I don't preach to people about it, though. I could care less if people do them, I just don't.

Show us your personality---
Make us laugh:


<--Absolutely outstanding.
Favorite physical feature: The general body. :-) Usually legs.
Least favorite physical feature: Feet. WOW feet are gross.
Favorite thing about you: My personality. As far as looks goes, my hair and my eyes.
Least favorite thing about you: My mouth. Yeah I know it sounds weird.
Pet peeves: People who talk incessantly during a good movie. MAN that's annoying. AnD wHeN pEoPlE tAlK lIkE tHiS oNlInE. Holy smokes.
Tell us or show us anything: I think I might be falling for someone. :-)
PROMOTE TO AT LEAST ONE COMMUNITY OR JOURNAL--- one automatic yes for every extra community or journal that you promote to..
(put link here to prove it): http://www.livejournal.com/users/plott/6880.html?view=6112#t6112

And the 3 pictures:

Short hair.
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