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Bang Bang

Location: Scottsdale AZ
Sex: Female
Hobbies: Drama, Singing, Photography, Painting, being hopelessly romantic

7 bands/singers: Jimmy eat world, fashion music, simple youth, the format, as i lay dying, frank sinatra, Avenue Q
6 movies or tv shows: Orange county(the movie), fight club, viva la bam, finding neverland, starwars, Godspell
5 books: Much ado about nothing, the count of monte cristo, Stocton- a true story about a canoe, Anna Karenania, Fake, Lair, Cheat.
4 songs: it sucks to be you, the internet is for porn, Mambo number 5, Diamonds are a girls best friend
3 foods: you have to try this: take a tortia and put about a half a cup of peanutbutter and a half a cup of chocolate chips in the tortia, micowave it and freakin enjoy! onion rings from sonic, steak
2 clothing store: American eagle- their jeans are the only kind that fit. Last chance\ Joy's closet- great clothes!
1 object and the significants of it: Red lipstick- no matter how cruel the boy is you can always go back to the red lipstick. i love wearing it with my fair skin!

Bands/singers/type of music: I hate nasal singers.. gurr
Movies: White chicks.. i dont understand black comedy...

Views on---
Abortion:depends on the situation.
Self mutalation: i dont understand it... why would a person cut themself to make them feel better? i guess i have just never been in a situation where i would need to cut myself to boost myself up. My friends are amazing
Government: Pointless peice of crap
Premartial sex: only do it if you are ready for the concequences... and i'm not so i'm staying out of it.
Drugs: Bad. no. it's only a way to end your life sooner than needed.

Show us your personality---
Make us laugh: i love really bad pick up lines.. and lame jokes... i've got a lame joke... what do you c
Favorite physical feature: Lips.. they are huge
Least favorite physical feature: abs or lack of
Favorite thing about you: i love my laugh and the way that it catches on throught the room when i start
Least favorite thing about you: i hate my boobs... i hate being looked at because of them... i'm not just boobs
Pet peeves: long toenails... they are soo nasty
Tell us or show us anything: i have no clue how to post pictures... and i type with 3 fingers... so this took me a long time...
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