Ashleigh fucking side-weener (bostoninthefall) wrote in cute__xx,
Ashleigh fucking side-weener


"Niggah, I think it's about time to go to Ft. Lauderdale."

"we need a vacation from this shit"

"Hell yes we do!"

"TRUE! And we can get sushi in Miami!!!"

"I dont DO sushi"

"why not?!"

"it's my car bitch! and I say..."



"it's ok boo"

"dont talk to me..."


"jayy kayy"


"but which way should we go?!"



"dawg Im so glad we got those hats at that gas station"

"hmm... me too!"

"OH MY GOD! An Alligator"

"dont worry dawg I got you back"

"Oh shit It's huge!!!"

"what happened to 'dont worry dawg I got your back'"

"You know I do"

"sweeeet we're hereee!!!"

"look at that building!"

"thanks for coming to see my play soccer guys"

"let's go home"

"all this driving!!!"

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March 14 2005, 09:00:25 UTC 11 years ago

not only did none of that make any sense with the pictures, but it was the most horrifying thing i have ever seen in my life, your face that is.
cute. almost as cute as anonymous commenters who don't have the fucking cunt to log in (I say cunt, cause you OBVIOUSLY don't have the balls)