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bang, bang

application, woot!
Name: tasha
Age: nineteen
Location: paintsville, kentucky
Sex: female
Hobbies: sleeping, writing, reading, hanging out with people i love, swimming in the lake, driving my car aimlessly, making out, cuddling, watching movies, photography, looking cute.

7 bands/singers: nirvana, blind melon, pink floyd, poe, the beatles, tom petty, britney spears.
6 movies or tv shows: spun, girl interrupted, roseanne, requiem for a dream, napoleon dynamite, and any real world/road rules battle.
5 books: i was a teenage fairy, girl goddess #9, cut, primavera, little women.
4 songs: "a perfect sonnet"-bright eyes, "roll another joint"-tom petty, "do somethin"-britney spears, "i'm not ok (i promise)"-my chemical romance"
3 foods: pizza hut pizza, gummi bears, rice
2 clothing store: torrid, deb
1 object and the significants of it: my digital camera, i capture my life with it.

Bands/singers/type of music: matallica, gospel and bluegrass music.
Movies: the grudge, "teen" movies

Views on---
Abortion: i'm pro-cloice, so i think it should be the womans choice weather or not she aborts the pregnancy, if she is of legal age of course.
Self mutalation: i think it's a phase lots of people go through, but it can be addictive. i don't like it when people do it to "follow the crowd".
Government: i hate the government.
Premartial sex: i love all sex!
Drugs: if you do them fine, if not thats fine too. i don't like people that are fried all the time, or people that pretend to be "so totally stoned".

Show us your personality---
Make us laugh:
girl: is it weird to shave your nose?
me: yes, stop shaving weird places, besides i don't even have hair on my nose.
girl: not on my nose, in my nose.
me: well how the hell do you get a razor in your nose?
girl: i use ear hair trimmers.
me: goddamn.
Favorite physical feature: my eyes
Least favorite physical feature: my lack of ass
Favorite thing about you: my oh so loveable personality
Least favorite thing about you: i'm very undecisive.
Pet peeves: capital letters, nail biting(i do it), my period.
Tell us or show us anything:
PROMOTE TO ATLEAST ONE COMMUNITY OR JOURNAL--- one automatic yes for every extra community or journal that you promote to..
(put link here to prove it): http://www.livejournal.com/community/ihearttattoos/

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