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theme-- do it <3

We're cute__xx

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2. Be cute.

3. Use the lj-cut. <*lj-cut*> your application & pictures go in the middle <*/lj-cut*> [minus the astericks]

4. Don't be annoying, if we don't think you're, accept it, do NOT argue us.

5. Don't comment or make posts if you aren't accepted.

6. Must have atleast 2 mod's "Yes".

7. Must put 3-4 clear pictures of your face to be accepted. ATLEAST 3 NOT PHOTOSHOPPED.

8. Fill out the application.

9. Put "Bang Bang" in the subject when you're applying so we know you read the rules.

10. Remember that you are also being judge on your application, so don't give us half ass answer that make it seem like you didn't put any thought into it.



7 bands/singers:
6 movies or tv shows:
5 books:
4 songs:
3 foods:
2 clothing store:
1 object and the significants of it:

Bands/singers/type of music:

Views on---
Self mutalation:
Premartial sex:

Show us your personality---
Make us laugh:
Favorite physical feature:
Least favorite physical feature:
Favorite thing about you:
Least favorite thing about you:
Pet peeves:
Tell us or show us anything:
PROMOTE TO ATLEAST ONE COMMUNITY OR JOURNAL--- one automatic yes for every extra community or journal that you promote to..
(put link here to prove it):

Post 3-4 of your face. MAXIMUM OF 10 PICTURES.
Post one 150x150 and if you can't then just tell one of the mod's and they'll resize it for you.

Stamped Members::

1. Don't sugar-coat your ratings, be bitchy and truthful to the applicants.. this is a rating community, you know?

2. Stay active. Try to do each weeks theme.

3. If you are going somewhere for some amount of time, let us know so we don't think you're dead or something. Same with if you decide to leave the community.

4. Put "stamped" in the subject when posting, and when you're doing a theme put "stamped//theme"

5. If you have any suggestions about themes or whatever, make a post about them, and maybe we will take them into consideration.

6. If you leave the community, you are allowed to come back, but even though you were in the community before that doesn't mean we will automatically accept you again, you MUST re-apply.

AIM: AshlyAlxss

AIM: jcpenny35

AIM: xthis is a decoy


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