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Bang Bang

Name: Ashley Dingess
Age: 14
Location: Inez,Ky
Hobbies:Reading,Writing Poetry,Singing,

7 bands/singers:
Fefe Dobson
Lee Ann Womack
Three Days Grace
David Allen Cole
Gretchen Wilson
6 movies or tv shows:
Napoleon Dynamite
Breakfast Club
Son In Law
Billy Madison
5 books:
Annie's Baby
Stick Figure
The Green Mile
The Notebook
4 songs:
Cold By Crossfade,
Scars By Papa Roach
Let It Bleed By The Used
45 By Shinedown
3 foods:
Chicken Rice
Chicken Nuggets
2 clothing store:
Fashion Bug
1 object and the significants of it:
My Poetry Book, I write all my thoughts and feelings in it

Bands/singers/type of music:U2,bluegrass,and 70's music
Movies:The nightmare before Christmas,Darkness Falls

Views on---
Abortion:I believe that it should be your choice wether or not you have an abortion.
Self mutalation:If you wanna do it, then do it.Don't be fake about it though.
Government:It's stupid.
Premartial sex:If you are ready to face the risks that come along with it then do it.
Drugs: If you wanna do them that is your choice but I don't think people should become total burnouts.

Show us your personality---
Make us laugh:A blonde and a brunette jump off a building, who hits the ground first? The brunette because the blonde stops to ask for directions.
Favorite physical feature:Nose
Least favorite physical feature:My flat ass
Favorite thing about you:My good humor
Least favorite thing about you:My smartass mouth
Pet peeves:unorganized things,messy writing,static on the radio
Tell us or show us anything:
PROMOTE TO ATLEAST ONE COMMUNITY OR JOURNAL--- one automatic yes for every extra community or journal that you promote to..
(put link here to prove it):www.livejournal.com/users/bitch08

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