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bang bang

Hobbies:listening to music,im'ing,people watching.. and GA

7 bands/singers: bob marley, the rolling stones,eminem,counting crows,dashboard confessional,dave mathews band,joss stone
6 movies or tv shows:joan of arcadia,the office, greys anatomy,heart and souls,amelie,the big green
5 books:summer sisters, angus thongs and full frontal snogging, the giver,to kill a mocking bird,choke
4 songs:'Mix tape'- butch walker,'mrs potters lullaby'-counting crows,'i bruise easily'-natasha bedingfield,'hear you me'-jimmy eat world
3 foods:
chicken fingers, pizza, greek salad
2 clothing store:
american eagle, and thrift stores
1 object and the significants of it:
The one object i can think of is a peice of hot pink paper. Only because it has a message from the school secretary telling me my nephew was being born

Bands/singers/type of music:um.... to be honest. I like songs by everyone.So i cant think of a type of music i dont like
Movies:i dont really get anime movies... so im sticking with that

Views on---
Abortion: I think its both (good/bad). So yeah
Self mutalation: I dont like it, just because its been a family issue for awhile.
Government:don't really pay too much attention. I just know that bush is dumb (sorry if that offends)
Premartial sex: I think its totally cool. Im 100% for it. Even tho I have yet to have sex. Im not waiting for marrige thats for sure.
Drugs: To a certain extent. They are fine by me

Show us your personality---
Make us laugh: A man walked into a bar... Ouch. (i couldnt think of any other ones)
Favorite physical feature: i likes a guy bum, thats for sure.
Least favorite physical feature: Not exactly sure
Favorite thing about you: I make people laugh
Least favorite thing about you: my confidance level
Pet peeves: People who are rude, and people like me.

Tell us or show us anything:
PROMOTE TO ATLEAST ONE COMMUNITY OR JOURNAL--- one automatic yes for every extra community or journal that you promote to..

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haha.. im a geek. 2 of the same pictures. Whoopsie. LMK if you want another one...